Human chain delivers food to under siege residents in Taiz mountains

Yemeni volunteers form a human chain to pass food aid, supplied by the UAE Red Crescent, to mountainous towns on the outskirts of the country’s third-city of Taiz on October 16, 2018.

Taiz: Young volunteers formed a human chain carrying food parcels to people in remote areas in the Al Mahssab Mountains in western Taiz. The food parcels were supplied by the UAE’s Emirates Red Crescent.

The human chains, considered the longest in Yemen, were a demonstration against the siege of Taiz by Al Houthi militias.

The event coincided with the World Food Day that takes place on October 16 every year.

The ERC distributed 1,500 food parcels as well as basic goods to Yemeni families in western Taiz that benefited 10,500 Yemeni citizens, a majority of whom are women, children and the elderly.

The distribution of food parcels took place in the areas most affected by the Al Houthi siege.

Beneficiaries of the aid expressed their thanks and gratitude to the UAE and its humanitarian arm, the ERC, which defied the obstacles to reach out to all the areas suffering from the dire humanitarian conditions.

Also, more than 400 Yemeni youth drew a unique art piece that contained a number of messages in Arabic and English, expressing their thanks and appreciation to the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), for its efforts in the Taiz Governorate and Yemen.


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