Fog and mist to rise over UAE weekend

Dubai: Weather forecasters in the UAE expect fog and mist to continue until Saturday, affecting visibility daily until 9am.

The level of fog on Thursday across the coastal areas in UAE. 

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said that road visibility in internal areas will fall to 200 metres, while the coastal and northern region will have visibility reduced to 1,000m.


“The poor visibility is caused by fog formation, during the period from 1am until 9.30am,” said the NCM.

Over the weekend, the weather will be fair in general and hazy at times, with a slight rise in temperature.

The relative humidity will increase during night and early morning over some internal and coastal areas, with a chance of fog and mist formation.

The maximum temperature, according to the NCM, will range from 19-26C in coastal areas, 24-29C in internal areas, and 9-14C in the mountain region.

Southeasterly to northeasterly winds of 10-25km/h will affect the sea, with waves expected to be mild to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and in the Oman Sea.



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