Everyone’s talking about Maryam Nawaz’s shoes at the airport

Netizens trolled Maryam for wearing expensive items at the airport ahead of her arrest

Dubai: Maryam Nawaz’s each step was recorded as she made her way from the UK to Pakistan, where she was eventually jailed.

The public, especially on social media platforms commented on how composed she looked, what she bought at the airport and her attire.

Specifically, it was the pair of designer slippers and tote bag that she chose to wear that triggered remarks from Pakistanis across online platforms.

Tweep Fatima Junejo @FatimaJunejo posted: “Thanks to Nawaz and your highness for the corruption and making lives of common people of Pakistan so difficult that women have to come out like never before to earn bread. I wish she was lucky to have a white collar job but then how could you have 70,000 PKR [Dh 2,023] worth shoes????”

Twitter user Adnan Rajput @pr1ncejerry posted: “Maryam Nawaz came with Gucci shoes (70,000 PKR)… And government employees only get 10% increase with average salary of 30 to 35 thousands.”

“Maryam Nawaz shoes worth Rs.70000 She is going to jail or a wedding?” Asked another Tweep, Saqlain Khattak @Sktweetts.

Replying to a picture Nawaz tweeted of herself with her father, ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Twitter user Fizza Ali @fizzz_a wrote: “The shoes you are wearing… can u tell price of that?? You are coming to be sentenced and in these shoes? @gucci shoes?”

However, there were those who thought that discussing her shoes was unnecessary. Twitter user @arsalanahmedk wrote: “Excuse me but why is everyone tweeting about Maryam Nawaz’s shoes? Do you seriously have nothing better to do?”

But netizens were quick to reply to those who thought so. Tweep @AAhmedmemon92 posted: “We all have right to speak because we are paying for their expenses, by our taxes.”

On the same sentiment, Amir Hussain @AmirHus04261362 tweeted: “It is our business to question our leaders especially after they have been convicted and jailed for stealing our nation’s money.”


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