Dubai responds to baby oil rumours

Dubai: Don’t be slick when it comes to spreading fake news, warned Dubai Municipality on Tuesday.

Residents have recently been spreading allegations on social networking sites that a brand of baby oil contained allergens, and warned against using the product.  

In response to the growing number of rumours surrounding the Aristocrat Baby Oil, the Public Health and Safety Department announced that the product is not available in the UAE market and cannot be found anywhere in Dubai. 

“The department has confirmed that the product is not registered in the UAE and is not available for official display or sale either in the emirate of Dubai or in the UAE markets in general,” said Dubai Municipality on its social media accounts.

Aristocrat Baby Oil was manufactured in Isreal, and was recalled from international markets last March for containing allergens. 

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The Public Health and Safety Department pointed out Aristocrat Baby Oil is not imported to the UAE, and follow the requirements and procedures adopted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country. 

The official clarification against rumours circulating among residents was made as part of Dubai Municipality’s ‘Autherntic News’ initiative that aims to stop fake news from spreading.

“The municipality appeals to all individuals and institutions to quickly report and communicate either through the Montaji app or through the municipality’s contact centre 800 900 regarding the safety and registration of consumer products,” it added. 


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