Dubai cracks this latest egg rumour

Dubai: Authorities have denied a rumour circulating on social media about plastic forming around fried eggs. 

An online video published on social networking sites claimed that when eggs are fried, a layer of plastic is formed around the yolk, which can be harmful when ingested.  

“It is known that plastic is solid at room temperature and melts at high temperatures. The eggs in this video were liquid at room temperature and solidified [after] frying, [and] it could not be [made out if] plastic.”

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The Food Safety Department explained that the video presenter may have been doubtful over the egg’s safety due to its lack of freshness, which could have led to questions after it was fried. 

“The reason why eggs are formed differently is that when eggs are not very fresh, the white will be more liquid as is evident in the video,” said an official at the department.  

The official also added that the product’s freshness will cause the fried egg to form differently, “due to the coagulation of the protein at different temperatures, so what is seen in the video is very natural.”

Verifying rumours

Residents can contact Dubai Municipality’s call centre for authenticating unverified and confusing information they receive on social media.

They can either call the call centre’s toll-free hotline number 800900 or by WhatsApp on +971501077799. 


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