Drunk worker raped car washer in vehicle

Dubai: A worker forced his car washer into the back seat of his car and raped him when he was under the influence of liquor, heard a court on Thursday.

The 19-year-old Pakistani car washer was said to be cleaning cars in a parking lot of a residential building at the Greek Cluster of Dubai International City in December.

While washing one car, a 33-year-old Pakistani worker drove his black vehicle into the parking area and pulled over, according to records, before he opened his window and called the washer.

Thinking that the worker wanted to hire him to wash his vehicle, the youth went to the worker, who suddenly opened his car door and pulled the washer inside.

The worker tried to talk the car washer into allowing him to have sex with him, and then beat the latter and had forced sex with him when the latter refused his request.

Records said the car washer ran away from the parking lot when the worker returned the next day for the same purpose.

The car washer called the police who apprehended the worker shortly after.

Prosecutors accused the 33-year-old suspect of getting drunk and raping his countryman in the back seat of his car.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

He claimed before the presiding judge that he didn’t rape the claimant and had consensual sex with him.

The car washer testified to prosecutors that the incident happened when the suspect forced him into the car.

“At first I went to his window thinking that he wanted me to clean his car. He asked to have sex with me and I refused. He beat me and slapped me then drove off to a distant area. He pulled me to the back seat where he forced me to remove my pants and he raped me. When he finished, he drove back to the parking lot … then he parked his car and paid me Dh20 to wash his vehicle. The next day when I returned to the parking lot, I saw him again … this time I ran away quickly because I was sure he would repeat what he had done the previous day. I informed a friend of mine about what had happened and then we called the police … the suspect was apprehended,” he told prosecutors.

A policeman told prosecutors that the suspect admitted during questioning that the car washer agreed to have sex with him for Dh20.

“He claimed that the car washer got into the back seat of his vehicle and he had paid sex with him,” he said.

The presiding judge said the court will appoint a lawyer to defend the suspect when it reconvenes on March 19.


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