Dr. Al-Zeyoudi inaugurates First Arab Land Conference

DUBAI, 26th February, 2018 (WAM) — Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, on Monday inaugurated the first session of the First Arab Land Conference, which is organised by the Dubai Land Department, DLD, and will run from 26th to 28th February.

The conference is taking place under the theme, “Toward Sustainable Urban Development” during the UAE Innovation Month 2018 in partnership with the World Bank, the Global Land Tool Network, UN-HABITAT, the League of Arab States, and the Arab Surveying Union. Some of the organiser’s most important objectives are to share knowledge, develop regional co-operation and capacity, innovate in land management and real estate reform, and promote social and economic development in the Arab region.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Al-Zeyoudi discussed how the world has witnessed sweeping changes in urbanisation over the past few decades, which he attributed to various factors including population growth, economic development, urbanisation, climate change and land use changes. He confirmed that the UAE has faced a similar challenge for the past four decades, as both the population and urban areas have grown significantly. However, thanks to the prudent approach of the UAE’s leadership, the country has kept abreast of these changes and mitigated their social, economic and environmental impact.

During the panel discussions of the First Arab Land Conference, Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director-General of DLD, praised the unprecedented achievements of DLD on a regional and global level since its inception in 1960.

“We are proud of the vital role that DLD plays in protecting the rights of all investors, including women, who now own about 30 percent of Dubai’s properties. We are also proud of DLD’s database, which verifies the ownership of 220 different nationalities in Dubai’s real estate market,” he said.

Bin Mejren pointed out that 16 real estate development laws have been issued in order to provide the best services, stressing that Dubai follows regulations that allow customers to register their properties within 30 minutes, especially as all real estate data is registered in DLD’s database.

“The initial registry law was first established in Dubai in 2008 and then amended in 2013, with Dubai registering over 75,000 real estate transactions annually. The DLD has several achievements, including the transformation of its system with blockchain technology. Over the next two years, we also look forward to launching our self-registration system, which enables customers to register from anywhere around the world, even if outside Dubai,” he added.

The first day of the First Arab Land Conference included a high-level opening session that featured presentations from a number of officials on topics, including “The perspective of Arab countries on the importance of good land governance and land management to promote social and economic development,” and “The role of land professionals in promoting good land governance and management in the Arab region.”


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