DHA displays the first fully autonomous AI medical fitness center in the region

DUBAI, 24th February, 2018 (WAM) — As part of its participation in the UAE Innovation Month 2018, the Dubai Health Authority, DHA, displayed the SALEM Innovative Centre, the first fully Artificial Intelligence, AI, autonomous medical fitness centre in the region.

The SALEM Innovation Centre is the first centre of its kind to utilise AI and Internet of Things, IoT, in providing medical fitness and health occupation screening services.

Maisa Al Bustani, Director of the Medical Fitness Services Department at the DHA, said the new Centre aims to provide medical fitness and occupational screening services using AI without any human interference. It will be a one-stop destination for all medical fitness tests required for completing employment visa.

She added that the Centre uses the latest AI technology to identify the customer through their facial and Iris print. It then conducts the tests using a specialised robot. After the tests are completed, the system automatically sends the results to the concerned parties in a secure way. They will also be able to make payment via smart channels including Apple pay, Samsung pay, mPay and ePay.

Furthermore, instead of taking the vital measurements (such as BMI, weight and height), the Centre uses a smart scale machine that will take all these measurements automatically as soon as a customer steps on the scale and send it to the SALEM system electronically.

Al Bustani said this first autonomous government service is paperless and requires no data entry eliminating the possibility of errors. It was launched in line with the UAE leadership’s vision of using AI in serving the public to achieve customer satisfaction among the inhabitants of Dubai.

She concluded by saying that this innovative centre is aimed at assuring the happiness of all Dubai residents through the latest innovative solutions.

Dr. Fadi Hatamleh, CEO of Consol Gulf, which is the DHA’s strategic technology partner in the centre and a leader in AI and IoT in Europe and the region, said that Ai and IoT solutions provided by ConSol Gulf are key to the strategic partnership with the DHA. He said this partnership paves the way for the adoption of AI and IoT in every aspect of the medical industry, reducing costs and improving services.

The Project Manager, Muhammad Ghrewaty, noted that this leading initiative will be piloted in one of the medical fitness centres.


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