Data interpretation will drive the future of healthcare industry, experts tell World Government Summit

DUBAI, 11th February, 2018 (WAM) — Healthcare and education leaders discussed the ‘Innovation and the Future of Healthcare’ as healthcare across the world moves towards personalized mode of delivery The interpretation of enormous data being collected using the latest technological advancements, cost of delivery of healthcare and access to healthcare will drive the future of healthcare across the world,” according to the panel of experts at the World Government Summit 2018 in Dubai.

The panelists included Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of VPS Healthcare; Ms. Anuradha Acharya, Chief Executive Office, Ocimum Biosolutions, Inc; and Mr. Soumitra Dutta, Professor of Operations, Technology and Information Management at Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business. Ms. Madeline Bell, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, moderated the session.

Speaking about the importance of innovation in healthcare, Dr. Shamsheer said, “The healthcare sector is at a crucial juncture today, with the increasing pressure due to increasing population and the subsequently increasing operation cost. Innovation is therefore the crux on which the entire system could either evolve or collapse. Innovation is imperative as it has to address critical issues such as improving the quality of treatments, reducing cost, increasing the efficiency and providing healthcare access to the people in remote areas.”

The session also deliberated the increasing role of personalised medicine in healthcare where medical professionals are treating patients according to the appropriate treatment options that are required. Diseases today are diagnosed on the basis of a patient’s genetic build. It is vital that treatments are planned and administered accordingly. The innovations revolving around the science of genome have attained top priority. Paediatric care is one of the primary foundations of healthcare that is benefitting from the technological innovations of personalized medicine and genetic studies.

“The cost of genomic sequencing has gone down significantly over the last few years and it will not be long before you can get a full genome sequencing for $100,” said Anuradha Acharya.

“The technology will help governments better understand the health needs of their respective countries and as more and more data gets generated, medicine will become more precise even in nutrition,” she added.

The healthcare industry will see a dramatic change in the next five years. The demand of health is increasing and innovation is key to healthcare. It is no surprise that companies like Amazon are entering healthcare,” said Soumitra Dutta.

The demand for health solutions is increasing and need of change is very obvious. We need to look at innovative solutions and I believe solutions for change will lie outside the traditional way of medicine delivery. Healthcare is not just about delivery of care, it is also about looking after people and hospitality is most well adapted to healthcare,” added Dutta.

The panelists all agreed that the disruption in healthcare is long overdue. It will be around the patient,” said Dr. Shamsheer. “We will move from ‘Break-Fix model’ to the ‘Predict-and-Prevent model.’ The need now is to make it cost effective and accessible to all people.”


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