Coalition urges Yemenis to back joint action

Statement follows fierce clashes between government troops and southern separatists that left 15 dead in Aden

RIYADH, 28th January, 2018 (WAM) — The Arab Coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen has stressed that it is important for all Yemenis to take responsibility for joint action with the Coalition in order to complete the liberation of all areas of Yemen from Al Houthis. This followed fierce clashes between troops loyal to Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and southern separatists in which at least 15 people were killed in Yemen’s interim capital, Aden. Three civilians were among those killed, medical sources in four hospitals in Aden said.

In a statement, the Coalition leadership said, “The Arab Coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen follows up on the latest developments in … Aden, and the media debate in this context about some popular demands to rectify some imbalances … It calls on all Yemeni political and social components to be calm and to [exercise] restraint.”

Hadi on Sunday ordered his forces to cease fire after the clashes.

The call came in a communiqué issued by Prime Minister Ahmad Bin Dagher to the commanders of government forces in the southern port city.

“Based on instructions from President Hadi, supreme commander of the Yemeni armed forces, and after talks with the Arab coalition… you must order all military units to cease fire immediately,” said the communiqué.

Earlier, Yemen’s prime minister accused southern separatists of an attempted coup after they took over the government headquarters in Aden.

Bin Dagher called on the coalition to intervene in its defence. Security sources and residents said fighting had earlier appeared to have spread to most of the southern port city. Universities, schools and the only international airport in the city were closed, according to witnesses.


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