Clerk robs Dh700,000 valuables from villa

Villa owners were on family visit in Abu Dhabi when suspect, 2 others broke in and stole valuables

Dubai: A clerk has been accused of breaking into a woman’s villa and stealing Dh700,000 worth of jewellery and valuables, heard a court on Monday.

The Emirati woman was visiting relatives in Abu Dhabi when her housemaids informed her over the phone that her villa in Al Warqa had been robbed in January. The two housemaids alerted their sponsor that a thief or more had trespassed into the villa, according to records, from the rear door and stole the valuables.

When the woman rushed back from Abu Dhabi, she discovered that the suspects entered the villa after scaling the fence wall and breaking the locks.

Primary police interrogations revealed the involvement of a 36-year-old Chinese clerk and his two countrymen in robberies that had been carried out in the same manner.

The 36-year-old Chinese suspect was arrested from the Dubai International City and his countrymen are still at large.

Prosecutors accused the 36-year-old suspect of breaking into the villa and stealing Dh700,000 worth of jewelleries and valuables.

Prosecutors said the clerk and two runaway suspects used a crowbar and screwdriver to break in to the villa from where they stole diamonds, bracelets, necklaces, gold chains, sets of diamond and gold, pendants and five smart phones.

Jail wardens did not present the suspect before the Dubai Court of First Instance where he was scheduled to enter his plea on Monday.

“When I went to check the villa, I saw that the rear door was broken. The valuables were stolen from the safe in my bedroom,” the woman told prosecutors. A police corporal told prosecutors: “During questioning, the suspect admitted that he and the two absconders went to the villa in a rented car. He said that his accomplices climbed the wall and trespassed into the villa from where they stole the valuables. The suspect claimed that they also robbed other houses.”

Presiding judge Urfan Omar adjourned the case until the suspect is presented in court on May 21.


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