Branch Manager – Silkor – Laser Medical Center – United Arab Emirates

Branch Manager’s Duties & Responsibilities: The responsibilities of a Branch Manager include the following:
a. Handle incoming calls;
b. Perform routine client outcalls;
c. Schedule, follow up and reconfirm appointments;
d. Maintain contact with employees to ensure a proper work flow and that client matters are well addressed;
e. Integrate and up-date client files;
f. Handle client payments;
g. Provide customer consultations in an effective, excellent and knowledgeable manner, with the aim of increasing sales of Treatments, Packages, other Services and Products; perform up-selling and cross selling of Products, Treatments and Packages;
h. Manage, organize, and update relevant data;
i. Manage and control stocks;
j. Provide, and ensure remarkable customer service is provided to clients;
k. Perform/monitor opening and closing duties;
l. Supervise and direct employees, with a view to enhancing their sales and customer service skills;
m. Direct staffing, training and performance evaluations to develop and improve sales as well as the Silkor center’s work environment;
n. At all times maintain contact with clients and employees in the Silkor centre, to ensure that quality service is at all times provided;
o. Conduct daily sales and operation assessments and monitor every transaction made in the Silkor center;
p. As applicable, apply and implement new processes and tools, communication venues, and training and sales methodologies to ensure operational success;
q. Monitor and follow up on tasks and duties and responsibilities of all employees;
r. Manage employee shifts and schedules and replace practitioners in case of absence or emergencies;
s. Implement strategic sales plans to increase incoming revenue as well as Silkor’s customer database;
t. Consistently meet daily and monthly targets as set by Silkor from time to time; provide regular updates on center revenue (on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, or as may otherwise be required by Silkor);
u. Ensure the uniform application of all of Silkor’s policies and procedures, rules and regulations at the Silkor centre;
v. Ensure the growth of the Silkor center and the commitment of employees to its success;
w. Professionally handle client complaints and any incidents occurring on Silkor center premises; immediately and without delay report any concern/setback/complaint from both clients and employees to Silkor, along with steps taken to resolve the matter where possible;
x. Encourage and participate in business development activities;
y. Report to Silkor’s Area Manager and Silkor Head Quarters; and
z. Complete and file all daily/weekly/monthly reports which may be required by Silkor’s Head Quarters from time to time (including but not limited to: Daily Report; Monthly Operating Report (MOR), Daily Inquiry Sheet, etc…).
Fulfillment of Basic Duties: A Branch Manager shall also be expected to perform the basic duties required from a Branch Manager (Annexure B).
Adherence to Company Rules and Policies: A Branch Manager shall also be required to adhere to all Silkor practices, rules and policies as existing on date or any amendments thereto. These include all rules and policies present in the Silkor Employee Manual, such as but not limited to those relating to:
a. Employment Applications;
b. Employment Policies (Confidentiality, Probationary Period, Working Hours, Lunch Breaks, Personal File, Performance Appraisal, Disciplinary Action, Employment Termination);
c. Standards of Conduct (Attendance & Punctuality, Absence, Telephone Use, Grooming);
d. Benefits and Services (Vacation, Holidays, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, Bereavement Leave, Payday); and
e. Legal Disclaimer.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-05-06
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Management
Company Industry: Healthcare, other

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Gender: Female
Nationality: Lebanon

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