Big operation to liberate Hodeida city begins

Al Houthis have experienced successive defeats by coalition forces in recent days

Aden: Brigadier Abdul Salaam Al Shehi, Commander of Arab Coalition Forces in Yemen’s Red Sea coast, said that large-scale military operations were launched Monday towards Hodeida city, building on the military momentum and advance achieved west of Taiz governorate.

Brigadier Al Shehi said forces will advance towards the north on multiple fronts until victory is achieved.

He stated the loyalists forces are preparing to carry out surprise attacks, and qualitative operations against the terrorist Houthi militias.

In exclusive statements to WAM, Brigadier Al Shehi said: “All Yemeni national resistance [forces] are participating in the operations, in addition to the effective participation of the Sudanese forces, with high morale and complete harmony and coordination, and with the land, sea and air support from the UAE Armed Forces operating as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition. The Iran-allied Al Houthi militias have been experiencing successive defeats by the advancing coalition forces and Yemeni resistance fighters. They have been losing [territory] and fleeing the battlegrounds in droves, leaving their equipment, weapons and dead bodies as coalition and resistance forces take control of strategic sites and cut off their supply lines.”

Brigadier Al Shehi pointed out that the rank and file of Al Houthi militias weare in panic amid the death or capture of their comrades, including tactical and operational commanders.

He noted the militias are selling their weapons to secure a way to escape from the battlefields as dozens surrendered.

Al Shehi also stressed coalition forces will continue with their decisive victories in the Red Sea Coast of Yemen after many districts were completely liberated from Al Houthi militia, in addition to opening new battlefronts in various places to liberate the remaining areas along the Red Sea Coast.

He added that the battlefronts of Red Sea coast of Yemen have witnessed large-scale military operations aimed at taking control of new areas and defeating the Iran-backed Al Houthi militias in order to complete the liberation and secure the Red Sea coast as well as lift the siege on Hodeidah city and port, and Taiz, from the west.

“We will liberate Yemen from the Iranian Al Houthi militias [so that Yemen] remains a dignified and strong country for its people. We will contribute to the reconstruction and building process to enable Yemenis to live in dignity and happiness on their land. We have no ambitions in Yemen and our goal is to help Yemenis live a decent life and for Yemen to be ruled by its people without external [actors who] do not want the good for this country and its people.”


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