30 Houthi militias killed in Arab Coalition air raids

Wed 09-05-2018 17:10 PM

YEMEN, 9th May, 2018 (WAM) — Thirty members of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias were killed yesterday in a series of airstrikes by Arab Coalition Fighter jets led by Saudi Arabia.

The militias were confronted by the Yemeni National Resistance Forces and the Al-Amalaqah Brigade in the city of Al-Barah west of Taiz, leading to heavy losses for the Houthis, both in equipment and lives.

Yemeni military sources said that the Al-Amalaqah Brigade forces continue to advance towards the west of Al-Barah city amid the escape of members of the militias to the south and east of the city, in conjunction with a large-scale operation carried out by the National Resistance Forces in Al-Barah city.

Sources in Hodeidah said that there were clashes between the resistance forces and the Houthi militias on the road leading to the Tahita Directorate in the Red Sea Coast, resulting in heavy losses of lives and fleeing of the militias.

Arab Coalition Fighter jets continued air strikes on Houthi militia groups and destroy military reinforcements in the Red Sea Coast.

The National Resistance Forces and the Al-Amalaqah Brigade have succeeded in expelling the Houthi militias from their strategic locations, advancing toward the western accesses of Al-Barah city, which in turn cut off the supply lines of the militias on several fronts towards neighbouring Kahboub, Al Ameri and other areas.

A large-scale military operation is being carried out by the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia to support legitimacy in Yemen, with the support of the UAE Armed Forces operating as part of the Coalition forces, at the Mukha-Al-Barah junction west of the Taiz province to take control of new areas from the militias, in an effort to continue the liberation of and secure the Red Sea Coast, and lift the siege west of Taiz.



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