100 Houthi militiamen killed in Arab Coalition jet attacks

Thu 08-03-2018 21:54 PM

HAYS, Yemen, 8th March, 2018 (WAM) — Up to 100 elements from the Iran-backed Houthi militias have been killed in jet attacks carried out by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition forces in Yemen.

The attacks, efficiently supported by the UAE armed forces operating within the Coalition, left Houthi ringleader Mahmound Yahia Al Dhal’i, a key bomb-making mastermind dead, and inflicted heavy damage on the coup perpetrators in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, dealing a heavy blow to the militiamen who fled the area en masse.

According to military and medical sources, the attacks which, left scores injured and large caches of ammunition destroyed as well, targeted Al Jarahi Directorate in the Red Sea Coast where the militiamen reacted by staging checkpoints to arrest their defectors.

The fighter jets bombarded Houthi reinforcements in a number of plantations east of Al Jarahi Directorate as part of the ongoing military operation.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed/Tariq alfaham


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